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Founded in the year 1991 Erissos Fish Farm is a family business operating in the aquaculture industry. For more than 28 years we have been growing and delivering to our customers Seabream and Seabass of exceptional quality and taste. Our production site is located at the beautiful island of Kefalonia and our headquarters are in the port city of Patras. We are a small business focused on the quality of our product and we adopt production methodologies that have been certified for compliance to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO:22000 quality standards. Our methodologies simulate the natural growing process of the fish and over the years these methodologies have been perfected by the adoption of numerous technological developments in the industry and have been reinforced by our many years of experience in the process. Our annual production volume is close to 300 tons of fresh fish that we distribute to a select group of wholesalers around the world.

Our Values

Throughout the years we have devised a code of doing business that informs our every decision and the methodologies that we adopt. The key values for our business are as follows:

Honor the Customer

We consider our customers an integral part of our operations and we treat them like partners actively listening to their suggestions. Over the years, our customers have played a key role in our understanding of the product and have helped us grow to the business we are today.

Respect the environment

We take great care not to disturb the natural ecosystem in which our product grows and we employ very strict environmental controls in every part of the production process.

erissos fish

Nurture the product

The quality of our product is directly related to the care and love that we demonstrate in each step of the production lifecycle.We understand that there is a science behind the growing process of the fish and we combine the latest technological advancements with the many years of experience and the love that we have for the product.

Work Together

We understand that our power lies in our ability to communicate and collaborate successfully. We work in teams comprised of people from diverse backgrounds and with varied skill sets but who all share our passion for the product and the industry.


Over the years we have made significant investments in new technologies both in our production site and our back office operations and we have a strong R&D function dedicated to enhancing our operations.


All members of our company share a passion for excellence in every aspect of our operations. We are well aware that to produce the best possible product we must actively try and excel in everything we do from the feeding process, the fishing and packaging process to the processing of orders from our clients.

Our Products



We are an export company and our products can be found in selected high profile delis and restaurants around the world. We are able to offer our customers a steady supply of fish of all sizes, all year long. For any enquiries please feel free to contact our sales team.

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Career Opportunities

WorkSpoT Erissos Fish Farm is an equal opportunities Employer and we are constantly on the look out for talented people who wish to join our team. If you believe that you have the dedication to excellence and the love for the industry that is characteristic to all of us, visit WorkSpoT and learn about our current openings. The WorkSpoT is the careers platform where all members of the Rassias Ventures Network of companies post career oportunities. To learn moe about the work we do in each of our two core departments please click the links below.

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At Erissos Fish Farm we are always keen to listen to your feedback. Our employees are always at your disposal to assist you in any way they can. If you would like to reach us please fill in our contact form or use the following contact information:

RF Business Hub, Riga Feraiou 61, 26221, Patras

+30 2614 409 500

+30 2610 224 046